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Rio Tinto, the river and the mine
25 April 2016

The river Rio Tinto is one of those places on Earth that make you think that you have landed in

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Estonian Song and Dance Celebrations
18 August 2014

26th Song and 19th Dance Celebration – July 2014. Tallinn (Estonia) It is amazing how such a small country can

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Horse racing on the beach
15 August 2014

Horse Racing on the beach, Sanlúcar de Barrameda ( Cádiz – Andalusia) Spain Horse racing on the beaches of the

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Holy Week in Andalusia, Spain
4 August 2014

People at Holy Week in Andalusia (Spain)

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Prestige Shipwreck and oil spill
1 August 2014

2002 November 19, Galicia (Spain) Prestige Shipwreck and oil spill On November 13, 2002, ‘Prestige’, a Bahamas-flagged oil tanker with

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Clouds, Birds, Moon, Venus
28 June 2014
It was taken in 2010 September 11, in sunset. I feel very fortunate that many people like it, and I
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Bullfighting review
4 June 2014

More shadows than lights. Bullfighting is a normal event during city festivals. The discussion about pro and cons bullfights exists

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Light is Like Water
15 August 2011

Mastering the science of sailing on light. Inspired by “Light is Like Water” – Gabriel Garcia Marquez (1978)

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Fedra 2008, shipwreck in Gibraltar
2 June 2008

On 10th October of 2008, MV Fedra wrecked in Europe Point, Gibraltar. Environmentalists and the sailors complain that Gibraltar has

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Total Solar Eclipse 2006 Turkey
29 March 2006
Total Solar Eclipse of 2006 March 29 Antalya - Republic of Turkey On Wednesday, 2006 March 29 after a long
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Annular Solar Eclipse 2005 Spain
3 October 2005
It was Monday, 3th of October when we woke up early with the intention of intercepting the passage of the
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Total Solar Eclipse 1999 Hungary
11 August 1999
On 11 August 1999 occurred the Last Total Solar Eclipse of the Millennium. I had the opportunity to observe it
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