Photographic Exhibition “Nunca Máis” – the Prestige oil spill (2003)

As a consequence of the oil spill produced by the wreck of the Prestige oil tanker, in November 2002, the Galician coast received numerous oil slicks that gradually filled the entire coastline. A traditionally fishing area suddenly saw their way of life threatened, so the inhabitants of the area went out to sea to try to stop the arrival of the oil spill on the coast. They were later joined by numerous volunteers who collected and cleaned the oil-contaminated shoreline. The indignation of society over the catastrophe and also over the management of the spill by public institutions and the political party that at that time governed Galicia and also Spain raised numerous criticisms and protests as well as a citizen movement called Nunca Máis.

More details are collected in this more extensive publication on the Prestige oil spill.

I had the opportunity to carry out a photographic report of those moments, thanks to the help of the Casa de la Juventud de Córdoba, where this exhibition would later take place. This exhibition collected the point of view of two photographers on the ecological catastrophe of the Prestige, here I show my photographs with which I contributed to this project.


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Exhibition Card

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