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APOD 2010
15 September 2010

NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day

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Milky Way, Scorpius and Sagittarius
3 August 2007

Visiting the Observatory of Calar Alto in Spain, I don’t lose the opportunity to take a picture of the Milky

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DSLR Astrophotography Test, M31 Andromeda and M42 Orion
30 November 2006

Amazing results shooting with a DSLR camera and a lens, or a DSLR camera and a small telescope.

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Mount Olympus
18 August 2006
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Moon jelly medusa
28 May 2006

Aurelia aurita or common jellyfish

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Total Solar Eclipse 2006
29 March 2006

Total Solar Eclipse 2006 Turkey

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Transit of Venus 2004
8 June 2004

The second most recent transit of Venus observed from Earth.

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Astronomy Exhibition
15 October 2002

Pictures for a photo exhibition of astronomy in Cordoba (Spain) 2002.

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My panoramic images in Tribuna de Astronomía y Universo Magazine
1 October 1999

Here you can find a reference to my panoramic images that I did during the Total Solar Eclipse of 11th

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Comet Hale–Bopp
14 March 1997

Comet Hale–Bopp C/1995 O1 Here you can find my first astrophotographies.

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Total Lunar Eclipse of 1996 Sept 27 from Spain - My first lunar eclipse photographs
Total Lunar Eclipse of 1996 Sept 27
27 September 1996
This could be one of my beginnings in photography, photographing astronomical phenomena such as lunar eclipses
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