A snake in my photo bag

This was one of those afternoons in which I went to see the Moon and the planets Venus and Jupiter sunset over the horizon.
Getting to the most interesting places is not always easy, you have to make a path that does not exist loaded with bags and backpacks of material.
I went with my friend Jose Luis, he is also passionate about these kinds of moments.

We got to a good place, we left the bags on the ground to start taking out all the material and setting up the photographic equipment. We expect Moon and Venus to fall through the lowest valley in the skyline.

The Moon with Venus at his side and Jupiter below

While it is happening we have time to take photos, talk about everything and nothing, and marvel at the show.

At one point, I had to find something in my bag. The bag had a clear bottom and when I was almost about to put my hand inside I could see a dark silhouette that I did not recognize, it was not part of the equipment that I had put in. At first I thought it might be a case for something, but for some reason I didn’t want to reach in to find out. I took the flashlight and when I lit inside I found a big surprise.

A small snake had gotten into my photo bag!

Natrix Maura – A snake in my photo bag

It was a Natrix Maura. It is not poisonous and it is very very small. It is important that the snake is not scared to avoid hurting itself by thinking it is threatened.
Very carefully I took it out of the bag, I took the macro lens that I was carrying and with the help of Jose Luis who was holding the flashlight, I was able to take those photos.

I can hardly imagine how he could get there. Since then, I close the zippers when I put the bags on the floor and look in my pockets before reaching blindly.

It reminds me of the book of The Little Prince , in his encounters with the serpent in the starry night.

All the stars in front of me. The night continues, the Moon and Venus fall behind the horizon.


Moon and Venus falling behind the horizon and their reflections in the water.