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Since 2005 I have been a user of Canon photographic material, with which I have made more than 500,000 photos. Today I have nothing more of this brand, I have left Canon.

Since then I have owned:

Before Canon I used Nikon. And before Nikon I used Olympus. I changed from Nikon to Canon with the digital era, and I did not continue with Nikon because they started making bad decisions: their cameras were from APS-C at first, they only developed DX optics for crop format, and they began to encrypt the Raw …; also I had just bought a 24-85mm and had dust inside that was not mine (because I had very little time, very little use, it was not the typical dust and I was very inside … surely of the friction of some element) and the technical service I did not consider it a factory failure and they wanted to charge me for fixing it. For me, at that time, Canon was not a serious brand, photographically speaking, because they made office supplies like printers, etc. I saw them as not very focused. But they took the 5D, which was FullFrame and had a consistent price. I bought the 350D to see if the Canon convinced me before making a stronger investment, I liked it, I sold all the Nikon equipment and switched to Canon. Although I have to say that I never felt happy with the brand, for the photometer (Nikon had a name for it and in Canon was always a stranger) and for the ergonomics among others.

Problems with the CPS

  • Complete equipment (camera, lens and flash) with an unidentified failure. The separate components had already been shipped, and they worked correctly, but when they were assembled together then they failed. They detect the fault, but not the cause, so it will exceed the normal repair time. Being a CPS member, they give me a replacement equipment. They only send me a part of the equipment, since another part they had to send to Germany, and they ask me to return the equipment they have lent me. It happened then that they could not verify if the problem was reproduced again with the complete equipment and also that I would be left without a photographic equipment with which to continue taking pictures. They call me to treat the subject, very angry. I tell them that I prefer to continue with the replacement equipment until mine is completely repaired as they offer in their campaign to the CPS, and as an answer I receive insults and my CPS account was deleted.
  • Canon offered a Wacom as a gift for the purchase of a 5DIII body. After the purchase I made the paperwork, they told me that in 15 days I would receive the Wacom, but it did not arrive. After several emails they finally tell me that the Wacom model of the offer had been out of stock. I asked then to be exchanged for a superior model, or to get a refund of the money. They gave me a negative answer and they sent me an inferior model and a “welcome pack to Canon Photography” as compensation. Fight with CPS Finland and as always a big waste of time.

And also

Canon was convinced that his brand would sell itself, copying the advances of other brands such as dust cleaning copied from Olympus, etc.
I was beginning to not be happy:
• Very old optics, little renovation
• There was aberration or lack of focus with people who were intensely illuminated in theaters, for example.
• For many focus screens that I bought I never achieved a good focus manually, I was forced to use Live in View.
• Little dynamic range, a lot of noise …

Each new equipment left me unsatisfied, to the point that the differences between models were starting to be ridiculous. I initially thought that by upgrading to the latest model, it would have advantages such as less noise and better dynamic range. But I realized that I was throwing money with Canon. The innovation was minimal, ridiculous, trusting that their clients had nowhere else to go. It is the only brand that has obtained that customers have done alternative firmware, Magic Lantern, to eliminate all the limitations that they imposed on the camera software.

Message to Canon

Canon: I have promoted your brand in the courses and talks I gave, on my website, I have been CPS for many years. But I do not like what you’ve become. I have sold everything Canon to change to another brand. When you stop copying Fuji, Sony or Pentax, who are doing very interesting things, and start having your own ideas and personality, then call me back and show me what you have that I could find interested in.


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