Mount Olympus

Climbing the mountains produces many wonderful sensations, Mount Olympus offers one more to reward the effort of climbing it. It is a mountain of legends. On each edge you can imagine some of the adventures that mythology tells that happened there, and at each break the view looks for shapes in the landscape that could inspire those stories. It is also a climb for the imagination.

Starting the climb before sunrise offers the magic of seeing the mountain fill with colors and the fantastic spectacle of the Sun over the sea with the morning mist.

Mount Olympus in Greece
Mount Olympus in Greece


View of the sea during the climb to the Mount Olympus

At one point during the climb you have to make a decision to choose the summit to try: Mytikas (2.917 m), Skala (2.866 m) or Skolio (2.912 m).
Some people have a bad habit of making towers with stones, this is very harmful to fauna and flora. Please, do not do it.

Choice: Mytikas, Skala and Skolio


Mytikas, Mount Olympus Summit View

Facing the route to the Mytikas summit, you walk a path that runs along the edge of the mountain, with some impressive views, easy climbs that will later be difficult descents, and a summit where the gods lived.

Although it seems like a simple and accessible mountain, it is constantly the scene of accidents, rescues and also deaths. Many are overconfident, do not take the necessary precautions, or simply do not know the precautions.
There are anchors during the climb to be sure, and it is advisable to use them at least during the descent. In summer, human trafficking is an added danger due to crowding and falling stones. In winter, avalanches have caused deaths.