Parhelion timelapse video

Something beautiful to see. In this video you can see a bright and colorful parhelion as a flame burning in the sky. Far from reality because it is formed by the ice in the air of the upper layers of the atmosphere.

The video has two parts that  have been recorded on two different dates during the same week, looking to the same place and almost at the same time. First part was recorded on 2016-08-17 at 18:29, and the second three days later on 2016-08-20 at 18:45.

Parhelion, sometimes called Sun Dogs, is a very common atmospheric optical phenomenon.

More info: Atoptics by Les Cowley, Sundogs, Parhelia, Mock Suns

Music by Stellardrone (Creative Commons: CC by 3.0)

How was it done

Many times they catch me by surprise and other times it takes a long observation. However, the camera is always ready and the lens cap is always off.

When I see that the sky is getting ready but that there is still a while until the moment comes, I install my iPhone in the window or on my tripod and I start to make a parhelion timelapse video.

  • App: Without using any special app, only the one that comes with the camera.  It is very basic and can be improved a lot.
  • Tip: keep an eye on the battery. It is important to have the phone well charged, connected to a powerbank or plugged in.
  • Be careful when photographing the sun, it can damage your eyes or the photographic equipment. A trick can be to cover the sun with a nearby object such as a lamppost, a tree, a building or perhaps wait for conditions to be more favorable.
  • Sometimes it can rain, or strong gusts of wind can appear …  hope for the best but be ready for the worst.