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Cloud, Birds, Moon, Venus available now in Society6
26 March 2019

I am glad that there are people who continue to ask for impressions of the photograph Cloud, Birds, Moon, Venus.

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My photographs in the book The Ultimate Guide to Stargazing
25 December 2018

Finally, the book The Ultimate Guide to Stargazing was published by the Australian author Gregg D Thompson. I have had

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Bye bye Canon
7 December 2018

Why I have changed all my Canon photographic equipment to another brand

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Radioactive lenses and airports
28 July 2017

My thing with airports is not new. I like to fly and I get on an airplane whenever I have

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Collaborating with the EstCUBE2 Satellite project
28 June 2016

I’m glad to collaborate in the development of the next Estonian Satellite project EstCUBE2. This time my role will not

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Phoenix Aurora Borealis – Northern Lights
16 March 2016

It just happened one year ago, in 18th March 2015. This Phoenix Aurora or Eagle Aurora was an impressive event that fortunately I catched with my camera.

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The best of 2015
1 January 2016

She is the big star that has changed our lives.

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Aurora Borealis and Constellations
14 November 2015

It is interesting to see how the aurora is moving heavens above.

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Bullfighting review
4 June 2015

More shadows than lights.
Report about the bullfighting in Spain.

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Holy Week
5 April 2015

The different roles of people at Holy Week in Andalusia, Spain

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Aurora storm
17 March 2015

Aurora storm in the forest. Estonia.

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Mike Hill and Moonshine Movies, copyright scammers
22 February 2015

Mike Hill was discovered stealing my image “Clouds, Birds, Moon, Venus” for his enterprises Moonshine Agency and Moonshine Movies. Professional

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Bardenas Reales, Geological Landscape
11 January 2015

Geological landscape of Bardenas Reales (Spain)

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Estonian folklore festival 2014
5 July 2014

Shooting Estonian folklore

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Light is Like Water
15 August 2011

Mastering the science of sailing on light.

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Mount Olympus
18 August 2006
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My panoramic images in Tribuna de Astronomía y Universo Magazine
1 October 1999

Here you can find a reference to my panoramic images that I did during the Total Solar Eclipse of 11th

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