Annular Solar Eclipse 2005 Spain

It was Monday, 3th of October when we woke up early with the intention of intercepting the passage of the annular eclipse shadow through Madrid. We chose a location just north of Madrid, at an elevation near Las Rozas.

For this occasion I used the following equipment:

+ Nikon SLR body + Pentacon 300mm f/4 + Solar Filter Glass 2+
+ Nikon SLR body + 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5
+ Fujichrome Provia 100F color reversal film
+ Panasonic HDV Camcoder + Mylar filter

As the eclipse was progressing we could see how the shadow of the trees was projecting the silhouette ( Pinhole effect ) of the sun on the rocks, and how the landscape was darkening until the moment when the sun became a ring in the sky.

This annular eclipse is the 43rd eclipse of Saros 134. This series of eclipses began on 1248 Jun 22 and will end on 2510 Aug 06, has a duration of 1262.11 years, and is composed of 71 solar eclipses: 17 Partials, 30 Annular, 8 Total and 16 Hybrid.

Video sequence of the highest moment of the Annular Solar Eclipse.

You can see this video on Vimeo, on this link.