Fedra 2008, shipwreck in Gibraltar

On 10th October of 2008, MV Fedra wrecked in Europe Point, Gibraltar. Environmentalists and the sailors complain that Gibraltar has already filled all the physical space, and now the area has resulted in an anchorage which is impossible to govern when there is storm. Fedra, as many others, sailing under flags of convenience. The ship, weighing 35,000 tons and 200 meters long, lost the anchor in the morning and, after being adrift for hours, hit the rocks.

The boat was completely destroyed. Fortunately there were no human losses. The ship’s hull bends like paper plates.  At the time of the shipwreck lost 300 tons of fuel. Fortunately there was a floating gas station or one of the hundreds of oil tankers passing through the Gibraltar Strait. But it’s only a matter of time.

When will it be next? Then think that was a tragedy not announced?