Total Solar Eclipse 2006 Turkey

Total Solar Eclipse of 2006 March 29 Antalya – Republic of Turkey

On Wednesday, 2006 March 29 after a long travel across this gorgeous country from the spectacular Greece, the day starts in a hotel in the older town of Antalya hardly have slept preparing all the equipment.

Moments before the eclipse are always very exciting because the unknown of something can spoil the moment planned for so many months. When the moment arrives, the landscape changes around creating a surreal atmosphere that immerses you during a few minutes in a fascinating spectacle. To immortalize the moment I used the following equipment:

+ Canon DSLR Eos 5D
+ Canon EF 70-200mm  2.8
+ Canon Extender 2x II
+ Solar Filter Glass 2+

In the gallery bellow you can see some pictures about the greats moments of this total eclipse: details of  sun corona, Baily’s beads in the border of the sun, shadow moons projecting the silhouette before the totality (Pinhole effect ), and the different phases of the partiality.
This total eclipse is the 29rd eclipse of Saros 139. This series of eclipses began on 1501 May 17 and will end on 2763 Jul 03, with a duration of 1262.11 years, and is composed of 71 solar eclipses: 16 Partials, 0 Annular, 43 Total and 12 Hybrid.

Here you can find the location from where the eclipse was observed:

It looks more than a coincidence that the flag of Turkey is one of the most suggestive with the moon and the star, considering the event we were going to witness in this country.