Tag:Atmospheric optical phenomenon

Parhelion timelapse video

Something beautiful to see. In this video you can see a bright and colorful parhelion as a flame burning in the sky. Far from reality because it is formed by the ice in the air of the upper layers of the atmosphere.

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Glass Bead Bow – OPOD – Optics Picture of the Day

If one day you are walking and you realize that your shadow has a halo, do not panic, it has an explanation. One of my photos selected and explained today in OPOD Optics Picture Of the Day. https://www.atoptics.co.uk/fza199.htm Very grateful to Les Cowley for his fantastic work in illustrating and explaining all these atmospheric phenomena.

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Baltic Halos – OPOD – Optics Picture of the Day

Today in Optics Picture of the Day my Baltic Halos

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