Receptacles fossil detail. Pakri cliffs, in Paldiski, Estonia.

Estonian Fossils part III: The Pakri Peninsula

Pakri is a cliff area in northern Estonia. It has a lighthouse that is easily reached by road and is a good place to watch the sunset. Before reaching the lighthouse, there is an access with stairs to go down to the beach. There you can find the stones that have been dislodged and left visible. In Pakri, in addition to the typical fossils that are easy to see in Estonia, there are a large number and variety of other […]

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Estonian Fossils part II: the rubble

Serve this post as a continuation of the previous one Estonian Fossils There is a stone stratum in Estonia that is especially rich in fossils, and it is a stratum belonging to the Kunda stage. It is distributed across northern Estonia, close to the surface, and is home to a large number of fossil remains from what was once the Ordovician period. It is easy to recognize this stone layer. The first fossils that can be distinguished are cephalopods such […]

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Estonian Fossils

Finding fossils in Estonia is easier than I expected. They are everywhere.

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Bardenas Reales, Geological Landscape

Geological landscape of Bardenas Reales (Spain)

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