Notre-Dame de Paris

The April 2019 fire that destroyed part of the Notre-Dame Cathedral was an event that saddened us all. Its famous gargoyles and its spire were unique. Here you can find some pictures of what it was like before the fire and also an extraordinary detailed image of the Spire of Notre-Dame.

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Patarei Prison

It is a memory of the tragedy of the 20th century. A time where the greatest senseless massacres that humanity has experienced were known. Patarei was one of those places where, during that madness, revenge and cruelty were exercised hidden from public view.

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The Kolga Manor Mansion in Estonia

The Kolga manor mansion can pass as insignificant in sight of the average tourist. However, this peculiar, unrestored, but well-preserved, empty building is magnetic to many photographers and filmmakers looking for a place with personality and an aesthetic of an aged and missed classicism. Its owners have chained unique and dark stories that make it even more interesting. Kolga’s mansion is one of those types of buildings with heavy doors, intricate stairs, dark corners and a multitude of details that […]

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