Moonrise in the mountain

These images are a part of a long time project that I’m doing. Climbing the mountain, you can feel how the air changes, the light becomes harder and the colors are more intense. You feel your body and your breathing, something that does not happen every day. As a part of my project, I asked people why are they going to the mountain? The reason doesn’t matter – all are attracted by a kind of call. Up there you can […]

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Mount Olympus

Climbing the mountains produces many wonderful sensations, Mount Olympus offers one more to reward the effort of climbing it. It is a mountain of legends. On each edge you can imagine some of the adventures that mythology tells that happened there, and at each break the view looks for shapes in the landscape that could inspire those stories. It is also a climb for the imagination. Starting the climb before sunrise offers the magic of seeing the mountain fill with […]

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